Welcome home

Imagine the place where you live permanently, your very own physical self, as Home. It’s a place of solace and peace that you can always come back to, the place where you’re always welcome, the place you return to again and again to rest your mind, and still your thoughts and feelings. Take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. You’re Home, right in this very moment.

Busy lives and busy minds can lead us away from Home, and sometimes upon returning we hardly recognize the place! It might even feel like somewhere you’d just as soon stay away from, but everywhere you go, there you are.

~ to Welcome Relief !

Taking action toward that place of comfort and ease is as simple as breathing, as simple as acknowledging that we live a human existence, and paying attention to what’s right under our noses - that shoulder, that hip, that neck, that sense of restriction that comes from muscles held tightly day after day. Making time for ourselves to just Be, we create space for more space as we unfurl into a deeper awareness, and a greater appreciation for these amazing human bodies we get to live in.

Massage has been used for healing since the first of us received the conscious comfort of a Mother’s hand. We instinctively know the power of compassionate touch, reaching to pat a shoulder, to give a hug. I became aware of the power of touch as a young mother and through my early career in health care, working as an aid in nursing homes. I was astonished to find that a hand laid with the intent of comfort was the most powerful tool I had, and I’ve carried that knowledge with me as my education and career in the care of health has progressed.

Location, Hours, Contact

My studio is located just 20 minutes from the heart of Charlotte, convenient to I-77 and I-485, in Southwest Charlotte. My appointment book is open to all sorts of scheduling needs for those who have busy work schedules as well as you who need to work around kids and elderly parents's schedules!

Call or email to chat about your own particular needs and to schedule your welcome relief.

Reach out to me:

E-mail caroline@WelcomeRelief.net

The View from Here

The End of My Summer Garden!

I grew up with gardens. My Aunt Pearl had rows of beans and corn and squash growing all summer for as long as I can remember. My Gramma preferred flowers and often said that she found her sanity, digging in the dirt. My dad grew the biggest juiciest tomatoes I ever saw, and he, along with so many other Gardening Souls in my life, shared their bounty with me and my family.

I still feel remorse for the pounds and pounds of fresh grown produce I let go to waste as a young wife and mother, when it seemed that the steady supply of fresh food, grown lovingly and shared abundantly, would never end.
These days I’m the Gramma, and I’m letting go of the notion that I have a black thumb - I used to say that my relationship with green things was made difficult by the apparent Karmic agreement we had between us, the terms of which required plants to die when they came to me.

I’ve noticed something very interesting this summer - if I pay just a little bit of attention to what’s planted, and water regularly, things grow! The first tiny tomato on one of my vines was met with delight and applause, and an even greater appreciation for the folks who’ve put so much goodness into my life with their shared produce and experience.

Caring for my yard as the Wheel of the Year turns is teaching me so much about myself, with time to observe my thoughts as they flit through the weedy paths cleared in my mind. Paying attention to the three square inches right under my nose is teaching me some much needed patience, and supporting my growing sense of being a Part of The Plan, whatever that ends up looking like. I get to practice being right in the moment, letting my awareness expand and contract with each breath, microcosm, macrocosm, the discomfort in my shoulder stretched and released, the tough thick weeds grown rampant along the fence dug up and turned over, hearing the birds singing instead of the planes overhead, noticing that the Fairy Ring of tiny mushrooms is coming up.

This morning’s harvest, presented on one of my Gramma’s Bakelite plates. I don’t have enough tomatoes to share yet, but I do have a steady supply of time and energy for you, grown lovingly and offered abundantly. Our work toward healing has just begun ...


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